Reflexology is a natural and non-invasive complementary therapy which treats the whole person and not just their symptoms.  It is suggested that our body’s vital organs, glands and structures are all connected by pathways thru which energy flows.  When this natural flow of energy becomes slowed or blocked, our system is unable to function optimally. 

The premise of reflexology suggest reflexes (which are not only found on our hands and feet, but also our ears and face) correspond to specific organs systems.  In other words, the physical image of the body can be mapped onto these surfaces in a logical and anatomical pattern, and are used as an aid to promote and restore energy flow.

Tension or discomfort in the reflex areas can indicate a disruption of energy flow within a specific system.  When a Reflexologist stimulates a reflex area/s through sensitive touch, pressure, manipulation, movement, stretch and massage, an energetic response may be elicited which encourages and promotes the body’s natural healing process.  Reflexology helps to promote, maintain and restore balance of the physical, mental and emotional aspects the of body.

Feet with Lotus flowerBenefits may include:

    • Increased vitality and health
    • Stress reduction and relaxation
    • Elimination of toxins
    • Increased creativity and productivity
    • Reduction in muscular tension
    • Promotes refreshing sleep
    • Strengthens natural self-healing mechanisms


** Reflexology does not claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe.


This therapy is relaxing and calming, and suitable for all ages.


Reflexology Prices

1 hour Reflexology – £35

Special Offer

Course of 6 (1 hour) Reflexology sessions – £190*

Course of 12 (1 hour) Reflexology sessions – £360*

       * (Payment is to be made in full at the start of the course of treatment in order to benefit from the reduced rate.  Sessions are valid for 6 months from time of  purchase and cannot be transferred to another person.)