Starting Metabolic Balance

3 easy steps to start achieving your Health Goals today!

1. Book a 15 minute free consultation.*  The first step is to determine whether Metabolic Balance® is the right nutritional programme for you. We offer an obligation-free 15 minute consultation to discuss whether Metabolic Balance® is suitable for you. If it is, an initial consultation will be arranged where your needs and targets will be discussed, personal measurements taken and arrangements made for your blood samples to be taken.

At Green Orchid Therapies we use Bioelectrical Impedance Body Composition Analyser to assess your weight, body fat, muscle and bone mass, basal metabolic rate and metabolic age. Your values will be taken at the no-obligation consultation and, if you proceed with the Metabolic Balance® programme, at each further consultation to monitor your progress.

2. Analysis of blood samples.  Once your blood samples have been analysed the data will be used to create your individualised nutritional programme.

3. You are ready to go!  At your first follow-up consultation you will be provided with your nutritional programme and you are ready to start achieving your health goals! You will be guided through each stage of the programme with your coach where you will be supported for at least 3 months through an additional 6 consultations.

We also offer reasonable email and/or telephone support throughout the Metabolic Balance® programme.

*15 minute free consultation can be arranged on a one-to-one basis, by Skype or telephone.

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Metabolic Balance® programme

The Metabolic Balance® programme costs £700 and includes the following:

    • The initial consultation (allow up to 90 minutes) to record data/measurements.
    • A complete haematology/biochemistry profile including specialised hormonal markers to determine metabolism.
    • Your individualised Metabolic Balance® Nutritional programme.
    • A total of 6 follow-up consultations:
      • First face-to-face follow up consultation to hand over and discuss your programme, as well as how to make it work for you.
      • Second face-to-face consultation to discuss your initial progress, one week into your programme.
      • 4 more consultations over a 3-month period, the last one being 12 weeks after the start of your Metabolic Balance® programme.
    • Bioelectrical impedance Body Composition Analyser to monitor your progress.

**Note: The metabolic balance programme does not replace any possible or ongoing medical conditions or treatments and any concerns should be discussed with your health advisor/doctor.

Book a Consultation

If you would like to learn more about Metabolic Balance® and whether it is suitable for you, or to book a consultation, please email, or call us on 07881 748 208.


Watch the Brief Introduction Video to Metabolic Balance here (a new window will open in youtube).