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Victoria is a fully licensed Metabolic Balance® coach.  She will provide you with advise, support and encouragement throughout your programme to help achieve and maintain your goals. 

Metabolic Balance® is a scientifically based healthy eating programme, backed up by 20 years of research by German Physicians and Nutrition scientists. Thousands of individuals have transformed their health and achieved their ideal weight with the Metabolic Balance® programme.

The foundation of the programme is your personalised nutrition plan which provides you with the exact nutritional requirements you require. Your plan is developed on the basis of your current comprehensive blood test analysis and health information. Your individualised nutrition plan aims to balance your ‘body chemistry’ with ‘food chemistry’ for you to achieve optimal metabolic balance.

Metabolic Balance® is a 4 phase programme which includes three well-balanced meals a day made from natural and healthy foods containing all the essential nutrients you need.  No pills, no powders or meal replacements!

Metabolic Balance® works by readjusting your current daily eating habits and following a dietary plan that fits your individual profile, which is healthy, completely balanced and tailored for you. This programmes helps by adjusting your individual metabolism to re-balance hormone levels, primarily regulating the amount of insulin your body produces, thus promoting fat burning and decreasing fat storage.

The Four Phases of Metabolic Balance®

After receiving your personal nutrition plan which is based on your blood results, your Metabolic Balance® Coach will guide you through the four phases of the programme.

Phase 1: You will gently detoxify your body for 2 days.

Phase 2: The phase will last for a minimum of 2 weeks, maximum 4 weeks. Your body will begin to adjust to the new and healthy nutrition. Weight loss may be evident during this phase, as well as an increase of energy. Some individuals may experience detox or withdrawal symptoms and/or hunger symptoms during this phase of re-adjustment. Exercise is not encouraged during this phases as we are trying to encourage your body to use fat as its form of fuel instead of carbohydrates. Walking and stretching are ok.

Phase 3: Additional foods are added in your food list, as well as the introduction of a ‘treat’ meal. Some individuals may experience improvements in their wellbeing, increase in energy, weight loss and a change in their eating habits, and cravings. Exercise can be re-introduced during this phase.

Phase 4: This final and indefinite phase, when you are happy with your health and wellbeing. You continue to follow the basic principles of Metabolic Balance to maintain a healthy functioning metabolism, and a health more vibrant you!

Who is the programme for?   Logo-NEU_CI_jpeg_Internet_13KB_farbig

 The Metabolic Balance® programme is especially helpful for those who suffer from long-term weight concerns, particularly when fuelled by an underlying hormonal imbalance. However, it can also help symptoms associated with the following conditions and illnesses:

1. Obesity/Cravings
2. Sugar & Fat metabolism disorders (ie. Type 2 Diabetes, Insulin resistance)
3. Inflammatory conditions: Rheumatism, eczema, arthritis, gout
4. Migraines
5. High blood pressure
6. Fatigue, poor performance, lack of drive
7. High cholesterol
8. Osteoporosis
9. Endocrine disorders / Menopause & related symptoms
10. Poor Digestion
11. Allergies / Skin disorders
12. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)


Individuals have reported increased vitality and wellbeing, younger looking skin, improved mood and concentration and improved quality of sleep…… just to name a few!


Thousands of people have transformed their health and achieved their ideal weight with the Metabolic Balance® programme.  You could do the same!



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